Board Members

Board Members

The Warm Springs Cabana Club is maintained by an elected board of representatives.

WSCC 2017-2018 Board Members

PRESIDENT : Betsy Leff

VICE PRESIDENT : Alexis Garcha

SECRETARY : Moria Caples

TREASURER : Sarah Herron

MEMBERSHIP : Maureen Buchanan Memberships on sale NOW…contact me!

RENTALS/ACTIVITIES : Jaino Parasseril now booking clubhouse rentals

POOL PARTIES / POOL MANAGER Anthony Laus contact me about having your party of more than 10 people

FACILITIES : Mikhail Margulis

For more information on the organization and management of the Warm Springs Cabana Club please refer to the following guidelines.

Bylaws governing the WSCC (click to read)

Rules governing the WSCC (click to read)

Guest Policy (click to read)