Pool Parties

Pool Parties

The Warm Springs Cabana Club pool is available for private parties during the summer months, which includes a reserved picnic area during open hours.

For times and availability please view the WS Cabana Club Calendar and then contact Rentals to schedule your event!


Reserving Your Pool Party Date

Reservations are required if your party wants to reserve the picnic tables. Also, a reservation is required if your party is more than ten (10) people. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis by contacting the Rentals Board Member (rentals@warmspringscabanaclub.com). Due to the limited parking, a large event in the Clubhouse will not be scheduled at the same time as a large pool party. Please state exact times on your application, as other large groups may be booked before or after your event. The application must be approved by the Activities/Rentals Board Member.

Attendance and Fees

Pool parties are available for members. The member must be 25 years old and present for the event. A lifeguard will be provided by WSCC for all parties. Parties over 25 guests will require an additional lifeguard fee and an additional party fee. If your party arrives with 25 or more non-member guests without given notice, your non-member guests will not be allowed to use any of the pools until and unless an additional lifeguard(s) is working. If the pool capacity of 167 swimmers is reached, non-members may be asked to leave. The $250 party fee is for up to 25 guests and is due two weeks before your party. Additional fees will be charged for additional guests. Head count is the number of party guests that pass through the swim gate.   A printed list of non-member guests must be provided before you arrive. Members will have priority over your non-member guests in the check-in line.


Use of the facility includes the outside pool area. In addition, you will have access to the reserved picnic tables and grassy area. A BBQ, lighter fluid, and charcoal are provided by WSCC.

Please place your trash in the provided trashcans. When the trashcan becomes full, it is your responsibility to empty it into the dumpster located in the parking lot. Please get another trashcan liner from the MSA to replace the one used. It is your responsibility to clean up after your party. Clean up must be completed at the time the party ends. If you don’t clean your area, you will be charged a fee determined by the WSCC Board.

Please review the WSCC rules with your guests. As a reminder: no glass, popcorn, gum or balloons are allowed in the pool area. The WSCC’s liability insurance requires that any non-member under the age of 18 have a completed permission slip on file before they are allowed to swim. This is true even if the parent/guardian is in attendance. You have the responsibility of your guests’ conduct. WSCC reserves the right to refuse guest admittance and to ask a guest to leave.

POOL PERMISSION SLIPS FOR MINORS (Minors must have a signed permission slip from a member/parent before entering the pool)



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